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Suzie LeBlanc and a Man named Quantz

At a time when music from the great Romantic Age struggles to retain its place in the public's affections, compositions written in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries continue to flourish. Why is this? Suzie LeBlanc, born in Acadia, fell in love with the Baroque early in life. Now an international star, the charismatic soprano provides convincing evidence for the popularity of Early Music in company with lutenist Stephen Stubbs, countertenor Daniel Taylor and members of Montreal's Arion Ensemble.


More Than a Thousand Kisses (2000)
(J.S. Bach's Coffee Cantata)

  • Filmed partially in period costume on location in Vancouver, B.C.
  • A delightful film blending past and present, fiction and non-fiction, to form a unique interpretation of this distinctive Bach work
  • Features the celebrated soprano Suzie LeBlanc along with baritone Nathaniel Watson and the Pacific Baroque Orchestra

Gustav Mahler - Symphony #5 (1997)

  • Performance by the McGill Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Timothy Vernon
  • Winner of the Bronze Medal, New York Film and Television Festival 2000
  • 'A real triumph, this recording has every right to share shelf space with the celebrated readings of Bernstein, Karajan and other giants of Mahler interpretation.'
    - Classical Music Magazine

McGill, Mahler and Montreal (1997)

  • The creation of an astonishing performance of Gustav Mahler's Fifth Symphony by a student orchestra in Canada's most beautiful and historic city

Which Way to Carnegie Hall (1986 and 1996)

  • A two-part series, filmed ten years apart, of the journey into music by a number of supremely gifted children from Western Canada who are now making names for themselves on the international stage
  • Winner of the Gold Medal, New York Film and Television Festival (1987)

Into the Mind's Eye (1995)

  • The canvasses of the Painter Victor Miles evoke images of planes of reality, many of which have yet to be defined.
  • A look into the probing mind of the artist.

Mozart's Abduction (1993)

  • The preparation for performance of Mozart's comic opera The Abduction from the Seraglio
  • Staged by Pacific Opera Victoria, Canada's 'Glyndebourne'

Duet for Life (1993)

  • A profile of Pierrette Alarie and Leopold Simoneau.
  • Two of Canada's most celebrated artists reflect on illustrious careers and express forthright opinions culled from many years of performance on both the operatic and recital stages of the world

Building the Ark (1992)

  • A documentary on the preparation, rehearsal and performance of the English composer Benjamin Britten's Noyes Fludde;
  • A musical "mystery play" replete with colourful costumes, animals and children of all ages.

Summer Song (1989) Purchase

  • A young boys' choir from Western Canada visits Holland at the onset of summer to explore the museums, markets and monasteries situated amidst the idyllic Dutch countryside, each location providing a new performing venue

The Boast of Kings (1981)

  • A feature on the Choir and Chapel of King's College, Cambridge
  • Winner of the Bronze Medal, New York Film and Television Festival
  • 'In this film of one of the great glories of late Gothic architecture, where high drama blends with grace and harmony, both eye and ear are given regal treatment.'
    - New York Times, 1986

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