About Prometheus

Prometheus Films: Specializing in films about Music and the Arts.

Winner of frequent international television awards, Prometheus has created large-scale features in both the Documentary and Performance categories for over 20 years.

The Focus is on the Classical Repertoire, not only in the attractions and achievements of gifted young people but in the realm of Early Music, the rehearsal process, individual performances and close observations of the process of making music. Each Prometheus film has a unique focus, while covering a wide range: Composers from Claudio Monteverdi, Johann Sebastian Bach and Benjamin Britten to the massive symphonies of Gustav Mahler.

Prominent artists featured recently have included soprano Suzie LeBlanc, countertenor Daniel Taylor and Tragicomedia's Stephen Stubbs. Previous generation famous singers Pierrette Alarie and Leopold Simoneau have been profiled, along with renowned venues Carnegie Hall and King's College, Cambridge. Among the conductors is Mahler specialist Timothy Vernon, artistic director of Pacific Opera Victoria - one of the acclaimed small opera houses in North America.

Prometheus films are not publicity promotions, nor video clips and sound bites - but rather, in-depth observations of today's music makers whether in the recording studio, the academy rehearsal hall, or the concert platform itself. These are productions created to entertain, inform and delight while reflecting some truths about today's music scene.

The Greek Titan Prometheus

Prometheus, which means "forethought", was one of the earth's 12 original giant Titans whom the Greeks revered. According to Greek legend, he was the father of mankind. He made the first men out of earth and water, and then he gave his primitive creatures the gifts of fire and art. This displeased Zeus and the other gods, who had wanted to keep these elements of civilization for themselves. Prometheus, who had prophetic powers, found several ingenious ways to better the lot of his creatures. He tricked the great god Zeus, who became angry and nailed him to a cliff. He sent an eagle each day to peck out his liver, which grew again each night. It is said that Heracles shot the eagle and broke Prometheus' bonds. Prometheus was remembered on earth with torch races commemorating his theft of fire.

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